Ideal for After School Use

Ascend Math is a proven intensive, web-based math intervention program easily accessible from any device.  The individual study plans and award-winning online instruction cover more than 700 objectives. With this wealth of online guidance and instruction plus online interactivities students get the help they need to understand quickly and succeed.



We lost our funding to hire a teacher to monitor the Ascend Math Lab, but the program was so successful, we did not want to quit using it. So, this year was the first year that we implemented it into the homes of the actual students instead of in school … and the implementation was a success!

Mary Anne Maginot
R. Dan Nolan Middle School



  • Working at their own pace, students follow the same sequence (study guide, video, explore, practice, post assessment) for each objective.

  • Award-winning online video instruction for more than 700 objectives assures each student gets the instruction they need.

  • Students can pause, rewind, and watch as many times as needed.




  • Multi-modal online explorations provide an additional approach to understanding the objective and often address more than one area of CRA (concrete, representational/pictorial, and abstract).

  • Even practice tests include embedded video instruction at the individual problem level.

  • Students pass a post assessment before moving on to the next objective in their plan.






Gold Medal Success 2012-2013