Exceptional Progress Monitoring Tools!


The Administrator Dashboard provides at-a-glance, real-time data on student progress


To implement progress monitoring, the student’s current levels of performance are determined and goals are identified for learning that will take place over time. The student’s academic performance is measured on a regular basis (weekly or monthly). Progress toward meeting the student’s goals is measured by comparing expected and actual rates of learning. Based on these measurements, teaching is adjusted as needed. Thus, the student’s progression of achievement is monitored and instructional techniques are adjusted to meet the individual student’s learning needs.


National Center on Progress Monitoring



Ascend Math includes 27 automated, easy to read reports to help you guide student math progress throughout the year.  This valuable real-time data lets you monitor progress by individual, class, level, or the entire school.

Course Progress Report: See how each student is progressing against his/her individual goal including pre-assessment, lessons, and post assessment for each learning objective. This report gives you a clear view of how effectively each student is working toward their goals.  You’ll know if the student is rushing through the learning activities, retaking the post-assessment too many times, or simply not paying attention.


Course progress




Level Completion Report: Use this report to get a snapshot of the progress students in your class have made in Ascend.  Shows student specific information including date of last login, total time on task, and number of levels completed for each individual student. You’ll also find the student’s average scores in each level assigned to the student. An easy-to-read pie chart shows the percent of students in the class completing levels.

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Post-Assessment Report
Quiz Report


Students Also Track Their Own Progress

Each time students log in to Ascend the first thing they see will be their personal climber.

  • Students choose the avatar for their personal climber.

  • The climber ascends the mountain one objective at a time.

  • Rolling the mouse over the flags show how far the student has progressed and which objectives are next in line.

  • Mountain badges are earned for each level the student climbs. 

Older students have the choice of monitoring their progress from a Student Dashboard rather than the climber.